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Equine Physiotherapy

Please note a referral form will need to be completed by your veterinarian prior to your initial assessment.

This can be downloaded here 



Initial assessment and treatment £50 (up-to 1.5) hours)

Subsequent treatments £45 (up-to 1 hour)

Conditions that can benefit from physiotherapy

Horses are incredible animals, which, here at All Paws & Equine we are very passionate about; especially when it comes to their welfare and wellbeing.

Being a prey animal horses are very stoic in nature and unfortunately a number of musculoskeletal issues can go unnoticed.

Pain related behaviour is very common in horses and can be displayed as; 

  • rearing/bucking

  • poor performance

  • out of character aggression

  • unable to canter on the correct lead

  • disunited canter

  • not happy when groomed, tacked up etc

  • knocking fences/refusing

  • working better on one rein

  • reluctance to take contact and engage

  • Lameness

Veterinary physiotherapy can help resolve the causes of pain/inability to perform, such as;

  • osteoarthritis

  • fractures

  • tendon and ligament injuries/conditions

  • recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis (RER)

  • ORDSP/IDSP 'kissing spine'

  • laminitis

  • navicular

  • cervical vertebral stenotic myelopathy (CVSM) 'wobblers syndrome'

  • neuromuscular conditions such as shivers

  • polysaccharide storage myopathy PSSM

  • upward patella fixation

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