Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions on which service is provided by All Paws & Equine Vet Physio

Services provided

Services can only be provided once a veterinary referral form has been obtained. 

This can be sent to us prior to your appointment or be provided on the day. However, if the form is not completed when provided on the day All Paws & Equine Vet Physio reserve the right to withhold services until a completed form is provided. You will also be liable to pay the full cost for this appointment.

We cannot be held responsible for delays to service outside of our control. However, all necessary steps will be taken to prevent a delay and should there be a substantial delay you are within your rights to cancel your appointment and receive a refund for services not received at the time previously agreed upon.

Your Privacy

For All Paws & Equine Vet Physio to provide services certain personal information is required. By using our services you are agreeing to the use of your personal information as set out in the Privacy Policy.


The full fee of your scheduled appointment shall be required if you cancel within 24 hours, do not turn up or do not provide access to your property where services were previously agreed upon to be carried out.

Services provided to the consumer by All Paws & Equine Vet Physio may be suspended or altered due to:

  • Changes in relevant laws

  • Technical problems with equipment

  • Failure to make payment

  • An alternative therapy being more appropriate

  • Advances in research

Complaints procedure

Should you have a complaint or question regarding the services provided by All Paws & Equine Vet Physio please contact us by phone 07807026707, by email allpawsandequinevetphysio@outlook.com or by post 29 Cann Hall Drive, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV15 5BG.

Prices and terms of payment

Unless agreed otherwise full payment for services provided is required on the day or prior to your appointment. Once an appointment has been scheduled you agree to make payment, this can be via PayPal, cash, card or bank transfer.

Charges for travel will be charged at 50p per mile from WV15 5BG with the first 10 miles being free of charge. This amount will be agreed upon prior to appointment and confirmed by a booking confirmation email.

Your obligations to the veterinary physiotherapist and business premises

Provide information prior to the appointment regarding any potential danger to the physiotherapist which could result from known behaviours previously displayed by the animal being treated.

Ensure the area is safe to carry out services when receiving services at establishments other than the All Paws & Equine Vet Physio premises.

Ensure the animal to be treated is clean and dry.

Obligations to the service consumer

Hold relevant insurance for the services provided and premises of the business.

Abide by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 when providing treatment to your animal(s).

Provide a treatment to your veterinary practice within 14 days of initial treatment unless agreed otherwise.

Website Terms of Use

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